Finding The Perfect Gift For Train Lovers Of All Ages

Trains have long since been a source of fascination for people of all ages. From the youngest lads and lasses to grandparents, trains can provide hours upon hours of entertainment. The gift of a train set or train set accessories can be an exciting surprise for any train lover on your gift list. But finding the right gift that is appropriate for each level of development can be tricky.

Use the following guide when selecting a gift for the train lover in your family:


It is not uncommon for the smallest child to develop a fascination with trains, often endearingly labeled choo-choo trains by youngsters. The gift of a choo-choo train can send a toddler reeling into euphoric bliss. When selecting a choo-choo train for a young toddler, the most obvious place to begin is by observing toy labels, which indicate appropriate age levels.

While this seems simple enough, even some train sets that are marked as appropriate for toddlers might prove to be difficult for a young child. For example, a track which is complex to assemble might be too frustrating for a young child. Instead, look for a track which is pre-assembled or can be easily assembled by little hands.

Also, consider purchasing a trackless train which rolls about freely on the floor. This will bring much delight and joy to your child while avoiding the unnecessary frustration of a shifty train track. This will serve to encourage independent play. 


If the child is above three years old, you can then consider more complex train sets. These sets typically contain smaller pieces that are not appropriate for younger children but allow for more independent play of preschoolers. Perhaps the most popular toy-related toy for this age is the train table. A train table is simply a table upon which your child can assemble and reassemble tracks and train cars. It offers the convenience of both a storage and play area combined. 

Another appropriate gift for the young train enthusiast is a train case. These cases serve to store train cars in their interior. On the outside of the case are grooves that can be used as a track. These cases allow preschoolers to experience the joy of trains wherever they go!

Older Children

For an older child consider a remote-controlled train set. Your older child will enjoy maneuvering the train back-and-forth and through the tricky terrain of the track! According to, these electric trains typically are suitable for children ages 5 and up. In fact, they can serve to improve your child's hand-eye coordination!

Teens and Adults   

For teens and adults, you might have more luck finding products at a hobbyist store rather than a toy store. This population is more likely to prefer assembling model train sets. In fact, for the more crafty train enthusiasts, you might consider purchasing wiring, servos for sale online, or other robotic devices that allow your beloved enthusiast to make his or her own engine from scratch! If there is not a train store in your area, any of these items can be found online. 

Since their inception, toy trains have served as the object of obsession for countless people. With a little research  and thought, you will undoubtedly be able to find the perfect gift for your train lover!