Hobbies To Share With Your Children

It can be sometimes difficult for a parent to find common ground with his or her child. It is recommended that you work towards fostering a hobby that you can both share, is enjoyable, and is something that the two of you can both do in your free time. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few hobbies to which you and your child should consider committing yourselves.

Model Trains

Utilizing model trains is a great way to truly let your and your child's imaginations flow. You can be as minimal or complex as your heart desires. You can feel free to recreate actual train lines through geographical locations or you can create your own ideal city and train line and even subject it to seasons. Model trains is an engrossing hobby and it does require some complex motor skills in order to assemble the city and train lines, so it is recommended as a hobby for you and your child if he or she is over the age of about 9.


Not only is gardening a fun hobby that can give your child an excuse to roll around in the dirt, but it's also a hobby that reaps numerous benefits. Gardening is a hobby that can last long into your child's life and can instill an ethos of hard work (as seeding, planting, watering, and harvesting can all be difficult tasks) and healthy living (in the sense that your child is getting exercise and will also be able to harvest healthy food to eat). It will also give them an education of sorts: they will understand how to grow fruits and vegetables and the value of self-sufficiency.


Collecting is a great hobby because it will give both you and your child the chance to express yourselves through things you like. Card collecting might be something that you can both appreciate, although you might collect different card types. For example, perhaps you are a baseball fan, while your child is engrossed in comic books. There are cards for both of these things. The formalism involved in card collecting, such as making sure that your cards are properly bound in books and in the proper order, is the event that can bring the two of you together.

Deciding on a hobby to share with your children can be a difficult task. However, the emotional bond and memories you will form together after you decide on something together will last a lifetime. Check out a store like Ann's Hobby Center to get started.