Tips To Prolong Drone Flight Length

If you are new to the hobby of remote controlled quadcopters and drones, you may be a little bummed about the drone battery life. Fortunately, there are tactics you can implement that will prolong your time in the air. Read on to discover how to extend the life of drone batteries.

Tip #1: Weight matters

The base model of any drone or copter is usually designed for low weight. This isn't just to make it easier to get aloft – more weight puts a greater strain on the battery and causes it to lose power more rapidly. When flying for fun or practice, remove all unnecessary accessories. For example, there's no need to have the extra lighting deck in place for daytime flying, or the camera affixed when you aren't planning to film. Also, when shopping for accessories, opt for the lowest weight option in your budget.

Tip #2: Charge wisely

Batteries begin to lose a charge as soon as they are unplugged from the charger. To compound matters, each time you charge then drain the batteries you are also shortening the battery life. The best work around for this is to charge up your battery packs right before you need them – not right after draining them. This means planning your flight times ahead so you can make sure everything is charged and ready to go.

Tip #3: Purchases additional battery packs

A good quality battery offers long life over multiple charging cycles. Yet, battery capacity does naturally decline over time. To help avoid the eventual problem with short flight times, invest in multiple battery packs and rotate their use. This slows down capacity loss for all of your packs. You can then switch out batteries during an outing since you have extras, instead of having to go home and charge your only battery pack. It also makes it easier to replace a pack once it's capacity drops below 50 percent, since you have other packs in rotation to take its place.

Tip #4: Manage temperature

Cold weather drains batteries more quickly. When flying in cooler temperatures, keep your extra batteries somewhere warm. An insulated sleeve slipped into an inside pocket of your jacket, where it is close to your body heat, is usually sufficient. Of course, this doesn't keep the batteries warm once the drone is in the air, so you may still have slightly lower flight times in cold weather.

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