Four Fun Ways To Foster A Love Of Handwritten Notes And Letters

It seems as if nobody handwrites letters and correspondence anymore. Reignite a love of the written word with some fun handwriting activities that give you a chance to use some cute personalized note cards and stationery, while also bringing a smile to the face of someone else. A personal note is also a fantastic keepsake that many will cherish for years to come.

Four fun ways to correspond with others and embrace handwritten messages include these ideas.

1. Adopt a Senior Pen Pal

A great way to use your cutest stationary and brighten someone's day is to adopt a pen pal. Many assisted living facilities and senior programs are encouraging and asking people to correspond with seniors and begin a back-and-forth correspondence. A senior pen pal situation is a great way to share a handwritten note with someone who will truly appreciate and reciprocate the gesture!

2. Start your Legacy Project

It is never too early to begin your own legacy project; think of how much your handwritten words will mean to someone when you are gone. Start with the goal of writing one note or letter to someone each week — it does not have to be long or elaborate. Simply send a positive note with a cheery message or memory that conveys that you are thinking of them and how much they may mean to you.

3. Thank a Service Member

There is no better way to embrace letter-writing than to start sending notes and messages to members of the military; many service personnel lack support back home and relish these personal exchanges. There are numerous programs and groups that organize these letter writing campaigns, especially around the holiday season. This could be the start of a mutual correspondence that enriches both of your lives.

4. Send a Note to your Future Self

Another great handwriting exercise is to write a thoughtful note to your future self; include what you are working on, what you are proud of, and how you spend your days. Encourage kids to write letters to their older selves, too, and tuck these in their baby book or photo album to enjoy later-on. This can also help demonstrate how times change and swiftly it passes, which is a great exercise in mindfulness.

Remember when all letters were typically handwritten? Embrace this tradition and make someone else's day with a handwritten, personal note. Invest in some cute monogrammed notecards to make the project more fun and use these ideas to get started. 

For more information on personalized note cards, contact a local company that sells stationary.