Four Fun Ways To Foster A Love Of Handwritten Notes And Letters

It seems as if nobody handwrites letters and correspondence anymore. Reignite a love of the written word with some fun handwriting activities that give you a chance to use some cute personalized note cards and stationery, while also bringing a smile to the face of someone else. A personal note is also a fantastic keepsake that many will cherish for years to come. Four fun ways to correspond with others and embrace handwritten messages include these ideas. [Read More]

Tips To Prolong Drone Flight Length

If you are new to the hobby of remote controlled quadcopters and drones, you may be a little bummed about the drone battery life. Fortunately, there are tactics you can implement that will prolong your time in the air. Read on to discover how to extend the life of drone batteries. Tip #1: Weight matters The base model of any drone or copter is usually designed for low weight. This isn't just to make it easier to get aloft – more weight puts a greater strain on the battery and causes it to lose power more rapidly. [Read More]

Hobbies To Share With Your Children

It can be sometimes difficult for a parent to find common ground with his or her child. It is recommended that you work towards fostering a hobby that you can both share, is enjoyable, and is something that the two of you can both do in your free time. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn about a few hobbies to which you and your child should consider committing yourselves. [Read More]

4 Tips for Choosing a Surge Protector

Choosing a surge protector is an important step if you are serious about protecting your electrical equipment because it allows you to make sure that a sudden power surge does not cause permanent damage. However, not all surge protectors are the best for every situation. Consider these four tips for choosing a surge protector.  1. Think about the Number of Outlets You're Going to Need If you're setting up a home theater, there's a good chance that you're going to need many outlets in order to plug in the television, game systems, speakers, and other equipment. [Read More]